Basic Information Edit

An automatic melee used mid-game to late-game. The most expensive melee in the game.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Cost
Overclock Increases the attack speed of your Chainsaw. Attack speed +33.33% 1 $10000
Fuel Efficiency Reduces the amount of fuel taken per ammo missing, from the ammo box. Fuel Taken - 0.25 2 $4000
Steel Chains Increases the damage of the Chainsaw. Damage +50 3 $5000
Hungry Chains Regain health through dealing damage. Lifesteal +0.5 1 $10000
Fuel Capacity Increases your fuel capacity. Fuel +25% 2 $7500
Aluminum Body Reduces the weight of the Chainsaw. Weight -1 2 $5000

Strategy Edit

  • Though this weapon can mow down hordes, it's recommended you at least keep some distance, as it does have some range, too.
  • Again, watch out for boomers.
  • Ammo is one of you're biggest issues with this weapon. Even after fully upgrading capacity, if you use this weapon only, you will still find yourself having to restock every night. And as you may know, without fuel efficiency upgraded, that's 600 or more ammo taken per night.
  • Overclock isn't very useful until you get all ammo upgrades and the zombies start being able to consistently hit you before you can kill them. Overclock is, however, very useful when facing boss zombies as a last resort.
  • As is with most melees, it is important to get hungry chains quickly if you are running a melee only build, as you die very fast without it.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only melee weapon to use ammo.
  • The only weapon to use fuel, too.
  • This is ALSO the only melee weapon to be wielded with both hands