Basic InformationEdit

The cheapest rifle, at $6 000. Commonly used as a primary weapon in the early-game, but abandoned soon after.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Descriptions Levels Cost
Greased Bolt + 25% Fire Rate. 2 $2000
Ammo Efficiency - 0.5 Ammo Taken. 3 $1000
AP Rounds + 40 Damage. 3 $2000
Skull Breaker + 25% Headshot Damage. 2 $4000


This gun has a low rate of fire, meaning that it is not good for dealing with swarms. Stay far away from enemies while using this.


  • The Piggy Bank perk, when fully upgraded, is enough to buy the flintlock rifle with $500 to spare. This is the most expensive weapon available with the perk.