Basic Information Edit

The 2nd most expensive sniper used in mid-game. Obsolete later in late-game.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Cost
AP Rounds Increases the damage of shots. Damage +140 5 $8000
Skull Breaker Increases your headshot damage. Headshot Damage +33.33% 1 $20000
Fully Loaded Increases the max amount of ammo you can carry. Max Ammo +20% 3 $6000
Piercing Rounds Your shots will pierce through enemies. Pierce +1 2 $25000
HV Rounds Increases the range of your shots. Range +25% 1 $5000
Aluminum Body Reduces the weight of the gun. Weight -1 1 $5250

Strategy Edit

  • Sniping at eye level is the most basic strategy for many snipers. You'll see the difference than sniping on the roof.
  • Aim for the head, of course. It's a sniper.

Trivia Edit

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