Basic Information Edit

An old WWII rifle used by American troops. The next cheapest rifle, at $16 000.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Levels Cost
AP Rounds + 33 damage. 1 $3250
Akimbo + Dual Wield. 1 $16000
Skull Breaker + 25% Headshot Damage. 1 $6000
Extended Mags + 33.33% Magazine Size 2 $1750
Improved Grip - 25% Recoil. 3 $750

Strategies Edit

  • Very powerful in early to mid game. However, it quickly becomes obsolete in later rounds.
  • Try to hit targets at a bit of a distance and always aim for the head.
  • Like the DMR, the M1 Garand is not designed to kill in one shot. Expect multiple hits to be needed.

Trivia Edit

  • The M1 Garand makes a distinctive metallic sound when reloading. It's known as a, "Ping."