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    Avix G and Perks

    June 4, 2017 by Avix g

    Last Updated: 4 June 2017

    Note: This blog post is based on the personal experience of Avix_G. It is not intended to provide a neutral, unbiased point of view. Proceed at your own discretion.

    Perks are those coloured squares found in the perks menu. They also seem to be abhorred by noobs, as they are never seen using them. In this blog post, I will discuss my opinions of the different perks and classes of perks.

    None of these are locking perks, which is good, as you don't want to have Fireworks when you're equipped with a Minigun. Although individually they don't seem too impressive, using several can greatly improve your firepower. They're good in the late-game and end-game, but kinda meh in the early-game. Choose perks from here if you know …

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    Avix G and Weapons

    June 2, 2017 by Avix g

    Last Updated: 3 June 2017

    Note: This blog post is the personal experience of Avix_G. It may not apply to everyone (and it probably won't). Do not regard this as the only source of advice on weapons.

    Weapons. Those funny things that go pew pew and rekill the undead. There's so many to choose from, so which one is the best? Simply put, there is no best. Not even the Minigun, which is notorious for its high ammo consumption and shoddy accuracy. This blog post will be filled with my comments on various weapons.

    You can't escape them. The starter pistol you get can't be sold. As for the pistols, I find that they are the best (and the only) weapons in the early-game, but only due to the M93R. The two middle ones? Forget it.

    The poor man's assault ri…

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    Advanced Tactics

    May 20, 2017 by Avix g

    Last Updated: 1 June 2017.

    Note: This information may not be entirely accurate, particularly as more and more updates occur. Always question whether information is accurate before believing it (contrary to what the government advocates).

    I'll assume that you have read my Advice for Starters blog post. If you still have no idea why people keep yelling at you to get off the roof, you shouldn't be here. Anyways, for those of us who want to go from the metaphorical candle to the metaphorical incandescent light bulb, this is for you.

    Is it 5:00 and are the zombies at the door, with only you and a few comrades still alive? Use this tactic to buy another 15 seconds as the sun makes its way above the horizon at its usual leisurely pace. Walk to the z…

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    Advice for Starters

    May 14, 2017 by Avix g

    Last Updated: 1 June 2017.

    Note: Do not assume that this is the most accurate, definitive source of information for this topic. I am human (or at least, I think so), and I may be wrong.

    Did you recently find out about The Final Stand 2? Want some help on how to be a better player? If you do, continue reading. Note: This blog post was designed for beginners. However, all players may benefit from reading this article.

    Zombies will hurt you if you get too close. There's a reason why you start with a pistol and not just a knife (also, assuming you have the default controls, pressing "v" will allow you to attack with a knife).

    While zombies do relatively little damage in the first few nights, you will die if you try to kill them with a knife later, e…

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